Friday 4 April 2008

Bass fly fishing Ireland - P2 - The instinct of the decision

There are times when you open your fly box and reach for a fly to tie on; and you have instinctively made the right decision. The fly fishes well, it casts well under the conditions and ultimately produces a result for you. This quick decision-making is done without any long gazing into the fly box and trying to decide on colour or size or type but rather extends from the confidence of experience that is now second nature to you and your fishing.

You have spent your time on the water under many different conditions chasing many species. Some days are good and some days are bad - depending on your expectations of course. In terms of getting fish on a hook the reasons for not catching fish are equally as important as the reasons for your successes. Doing the same thing incessantly to no real end with no real result is soul destroying. While we don't need to operate like scientists, some analysis as to the reasons of success or failure is important.

This analysis if you want to call it that, fine tunes us and focuses our attention on many factors. Wind direction, temperature, light conditions, tide, moon, time of year and fish behaviour etc and in this case the fly choice. We cannot wait for all of these factors to be in their optimal positions or 'best levels' and then decide to go fishing - it simply wouldnt happen, but we can learn the influences of each element and hence make valid angling decisions.
So when does the Type become more important rather than the Where or the How? My 'go to' BASS fly is a white and chartreuse deceiver pattern on a size 1/0 hook. Nothing very revolutionary there, but it could also be a white and chartreuse clouser minnow. Already there's an option. Two very important flies - two decisions, and then more when you add colour and more when you add hook size!
I have already said my 'goto' fly is a white and chatreuse deceiver - but it is only my choice on unfamiliar ground. When fishing a new area for the first time this is my choice. If i catch fish on this fly at a venue (never more than 3) then I may change to a different pattern. If the subsequent pattern doesn't provide results under a similar time frame, in the same conditions then i will change again, and again. This may result in you been able to determine an optimum fly for a particular set of circumstances.
If you cast any fly and you catch some fish then its one of those days - if you cast only a particular pattern that catches fish (where others havent or in greater numbers or in an accelerated time frame) then its time to sit up and take notice. Visiting the venue on other occasions under similar circumstances may well confirm this for you. Now your 'goto' fly for your new favourite venue might be a cockroach or a black deceiver. Depending on the circumstances!
So you arrive at your fishing you open your box and out comes your singular choice from a range of patterns - you have caught a lot of fish in your last two visits using this fly and you confidence is high - then something changes - you dont catch any fish - you try changing a little bit but no luck!

Next month () - where is my fly?

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