Thursday 10 April 2008

first signs of madness

This is a copy of a mail i got yesterday

Heh Jim

Just got one in ............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'bout 45cms. Old guy there before me with that casting style where you have the lure just off top of rod got one first. But i felt if he can get one so can i. Spotted his lure a small black and silver, the fish he had caught had at least 6 green sandeels in his gob. I fished and fished, my hands cold my back sore, was gonna call you for some support, just then another lad came along and had a taz dev on and said he had some success with it last year, i had tried all my small lures at this point so i found a green an silver taz unopened at the bottom of the box and stuck it on. First time i ever used one, cast it out the wind hit it it was like a frisbee and went about 20 yds. I thought to myself " thats trying to make its way back to tazmanian thats some yoke" but then bang and i was on to this fine fish. He didnt put up a great scrap, i had clutch on very light following your advice and he was mine. I measured and tagged him and bagged him for the old man who will be trilled. Its 20 years since we caught seatrout in .............. so he will be delighted.

BTW 1 barbless hook worked no problem.

Im so exited.


this is a follow up mail i got this morning from the same patient I mean person

Morning Jim

I was lying in bed last night just about in the transfer/twilight zone and i was dreaming about the seatrout catch, i has reeling in the spinner in the dream and then he took it, so i struck! i dragged my hand across the sheet at 200mph and the sound of this woke me and the mrs my heart was pounding i thought i was gonna have a coronary or something. She said what are you doin, i said nothing, she said were you dreaming about your seatrout so i admitted to it and explained that the brain files away the memories and events of each day when you sleep and that this was so exiting for me that my brain gave me another chance to enjoy the moment. We had a good laugh about it!


Am i nuts?

I leave the diagnosis up to the professionals....calling soon I'd imagine.

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