Friday, 30 May 2008

Salt Water Lure Fishing - P3 of 21 - Fishing Ultralight Lures

Fishing ultra light lure gear doesnt mean ultra weak - dispense with that other theory too - big fish big lure - yes its true on occasions but big fish also eat little fish if given the opportunity. Heres another one - light/small lures restrict my fishing - take that one with a big pinch of salt too! The biggest opportunity for the saltwater lure fisherman who chooses to fish ultralight is that it creates access to many more species. Seatrout, wrasse, bass, mackerel, pollack, garfish, even mullet can all be taken on ultralight tackle - by confining your fishing to larger heavier lures and gear you may be limiting your experiences and opportunities for enjoying these other species.

Ultralight lures also transfer to fresh water for perch, pike, brown trout and salmon

How many quality seatrout have you caught on saltwater lures intended for bass - some perhaps, but by scaling down and adjusting your lures and lure tackle not only can you continue to target bass but you can also put seatrout positively in the frame! And so many other species too. By opening the box of micro lures your fishing becomes instantly more creative more active and more involved.

So what is ultralight? To me ultralight fishing is done with lures less than 10 grammes in weight - rods are often shorter than eight feet - reels are small in the 2500 or less style of things and braids are kept light too , less than 5kgs.

My current ultralight set up is of the following

Rod -Smith Bayliner boron - casting 2 - 10 grammes - length 6'-6"
Reel - Shimano stradic 2500
Line - Powerpro
Tippet - Varivas fluorocarbon

No swivel or clips are used.

With this setup its possible to cast a 6 gramme lure 50 metres and more. Light lure fishing does not restrict your fishing, with the correct setup it enhances it. Nor does a balanced and light setup mean excessive 'playing' of fish. The technology invloved in modern ultralight lure rods allow you to/or

  1. cast sufficient distances with micro lures
  2. work the lure properly
  3. work across a range of different lure types
  4. land fish quickly and efficiently
  5. fish comfortably for long periods
  6. provides access to many different species

Next Month (June) - Choosing ultra light lures for differnt species

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