Friday 13 June 2008

At SEAi now - March '08 arrivals

The following lures (and more) are available at SEAi -
indeed why not pay SEAi a visit and be the first to own some of the best lure and fly fishing equipment currently available.

Smith Troutin Surger - 3.0 and 6.5 grammes - from 40mm - 60mm
(vertical, rolling, falling, twitching, even try tracing the bottom)
This lure is fitted with a special single hook!

Application - seatrout, bass, pollack, mackerel, wrasse - garfish
Also transfers to freshwater

Smith DD Panish and Panish - from 3.8 grammes to 18 grammes - from 55mm-95mm
(diving, deep diving floating and suspending covering the table from .5 to 2.5 metres - weight transfer and a wide range of colours)

Application - Bass, seatrout, pollack and mackerel
Also transfers to freshwater

Smith Zipsea pop and Zipsea pen - 18 grammes (surface)
Application - Bass, pollack. When you need a slow retrieve and yet need to maintain a good action in breaking waves a good lure silhouette is often very important. By 'giving' the lure to the fish through many realistic presentations in tough conditions these lures can perform like no other. Watch the zipsea pop generate a 'bubble stream' like you have never seen!

Smith Kacoon - 20 grammes (sub surface walker, distance caster)
Application - Bass. A sinking pencil lure with a fixed internal weight and a superb distance caster. By combining retrieve rate and rod angle you can create various actions such as drift and soft twitching often deadly in an estuary. At the open sea a more constant retrieve with a faster twitch is more successful as a 'provocation' type attack.

Smith Wavy - 12 grammes 8.5cms (diving - sinking)
Application - Bass. When fishing in rocky and reefy areas you require a strong lure that can withstand impacts with obstacles like rocks, concrete, etc. The lip of the Wavy is attached further forward than that of conventional lures thus protecting the lures 'line to eye' relationship and helping to minimise rough ground hook ups.

Above - Japanese Sea Bass not dissimilar to our own Irish fish - in many many ways!

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