Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Fishing Report July 29th - Jim Hendrick

Between Kinsale and Crosshaven - 2hr session 4 bass - 3 landed
Landing gear

Redington CPS #7
Danielsson LW 6/9
Vision extreme distance #7 intermediate
Fly - Ger potter hand built half and half 7 inches.
Fishing conditions were a little difficult with the #7 and the large fly, and as winds blew SWesterly during the afternoon F4-5 throwing diagonal waves onto rocky promontories, and this was of course accompanied by the inevitable rain. The water remained clear and air temperatures very high. Casting was made on the seaward side of the promontories and the fly was allowed to be carried over them into deeper water and then stripped. The fish were hunting along and down behind the wave action and each take was visible often at less than 20 yards - several of the landed fish were mobbed on the way in even in the rough conditions.

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