Saturday 9 August 2008

Fishing Report - August Andy, Pat and Gerry

Jim -
I think I can speak for the three of us when I say that the guiding, education, accommodation - the whole package - exceeded by uncountable orders of magnitude anything we could have hoped for and I sincerely hope that you got as much sheer enjoyment out of it as we did. Two specimen bass to lures/fly for the lads and two personal bests for me on consecutive days is not to be sneezed at at all, especially given the conditions we had to deal with - well, you had to deal with. You're the one who had to do the hard work - we just did our best to follow your advice. I know that Andy and I had a certainty from last year that you could put us where the goods could be produced, god willing and weather permitting, and I think Gerry (globally experienced angler that he is) is in absolute awe of your abilities. His comment as we stood on the roadside with his knackered engine was 'well, could have been worse - it could have calved on the way down - and I wouldn't have had my specimen bass'.

Once again, we have returned from our stay with you enriched by the experience and with much to ponder and practice in the next year and a couple of days, which, believe me, we will be counting. And thanks for putting up a prize for the SWFF competition - I'll not be taking part sadly as I'm taking a few friends out and introducing them to fishing for blues, porgies and tope that day and since I have to drive them there and back and entertain, I can't even sneak off for an hour to get the fly rod out.

Give my regards to you lovely wife and teach your children what three generations of the Hendrick clan already know. The world will be a better place for it.

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