Sunday 21 September 2008

Fishing Report - Sept 15 to Sept 19 - Jim Hendrick

I'm limited and unable to publish many of the photos of the fish we had last week as we are saving them for European publications.

It was a tough weeks fishing made tougher by the added expectation of the fishery and its performance.

A rapid change and settling of the weather produced flat seas and little activity, coupled to NE breezes, fishing, well catching at least was, at times was very difficult.

Once the wind turned south westerly or southerly it was like throwing a switch - on they came!

But with perserverance and hard work we managed both editorials and I'm happy with the results!

Several fish over 3 KGs were taken and once again it continues to be a learning process. Its never going to be easy, good weather, bad weather, different weather - the challenges certainly exist.

Good anglers recognise the subtle differences, the changes, and acknowledge these challenges as different experiences. No fishery can perform at its optimum all of the time - this was one of those weeks when it didnt. We are in peak season, with good even if sometimes too settled weather - however next week is another challenge!

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