Thursday 9 October 2008

Conditions South East - Week 42

We're getting to that time of year when its supposed to be getting more difficult. After tomorrows big blow the water will definetly cloudy up but its followed by a calm period and rising Spring tides which might help to clear conditions - this is October but it sounds like many reports I made in June or July and August.

It may be a litle cooler than normal and light conditions are lower but this doesnt mean the fish aren't there - they are, its just has been so difficult for the last six months to find them that I no longer consider the weather difficulty as a barrier but rather another challenge - as if we needed one.

Fish are fewer in number (dont laugh) but the quality is superb - I hooked and lost one this morning in about three feet of water both of us were asleep I think, I would guess the fish at around the 8lb mark. He was on the bottom of a long deep trough.

Who knows what next week holds (south south westerlies, overcast, cool, the normal) but I wish you

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