Monday 24 November 2008


Part two (Monday) - Rods

When I first started fishing in this tidal race I used only one rod. Today like my braid solution I now use three different types. The type I use wil depend on the application I am fishing.
The rods are specifically designed for modern lure fishing techniques and are generally multi modulus carbon with high quality fittings.

I tend to use the following

  • A longer rod for distance casting from the boat (2.7m)
  • A shorter rod for closer and deeper lure work (2.4m)
  • A rod for jigging (2.1m)

It is of course possible to use one rod for all three applications im just getting more demanding as I get older!

a href="">Depending on the type of fishing you would like to do or if the fish have determined the technique that is required to catch them, having the correct rod is essential to make the correct presentations neccessary. In other words fish may be on the surface at 80 or 90 ms from the boat or on the back of the reef ,10 meters deep.

It is important to remember that tidal races will produe speeds of 5 or 6 knots and some are even stonger. Playing and landing a strong species like a bass can be very difficult in such a tidal stream and the fish will use all of its strength and guile to use that stream to the best of his abilities. Using a poor quality rod or reel will lead to the inevitable loss of tackle.

Recommended Rods: style="color:#ffffff;">Illex, Zenaq, Wando, G-Craft, Tenryu, Smith, Jackson.

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