Tuesday 20 January 2009

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Often imitated, impossible to duplicate, the Super Spook is just as deadly as the original Zara Spook introduced decades ago. Oversized eyes and the trademark walk-the-dog action make everything from bass to redfish attack with a vengeance. Fish don't simply bite a Super Spook, they attack it. HERE

Thats some of the blurb on one of the most successful lures of all time. When you consider that the lure was first created back in 1939 by the Heddon company and called the zaragossa 6500 it was made from wood. Following the development of the plastic version Heddon changed its name to the zara spook 9260. It has continued to evolve for nearly sixty years with a 4 inch three hook version released in the mid nineties - its still marketed by the Heddon brand after all this time.
Available for less than 10 dollars it has proved time and again an indispensable lure for my cutomers and I. Due to its long existence its often overlooked in favour of more 'advanced' lure types and is often considered 'obsolete' or 'forgotten'. The biggest mistake you can make is to forget to add it to your collection. The lure has occupied a place in my top 10 for many years now.

Its unique 'clunk clunk' sound and wide walk the dog action creates a target that many bass simply cant refuse. The lure is not the worlds greatest caster but it more than makes up for this with its own unique credentials. When water is colder and a little 'off' and fish are not responding on the surface - then reach for the spook - it can often be the one that gets you the adrenaline rush of a surface hit that you might hve missed.

Remember your fishing with a lure that started life 60 years ago and has remained very little changed since then. Some things dont need fixin'.

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