Sunday 3 May 2009

Alans start of season

This is Alan from Waterford learning fly casting at a saltwater fly fishing workshop today. I met him on home ground last saturday morning after I had taken the greyish colored photograph below.
The net was strung about 150 - 180 metres along the coast. LAST FRIDAY evening I started to receive some calls from a few people about the net, I duly rang the ERFB whom had already received calls in relation to it and its location. I was told it was been looked after. I went to Waterford, then across to Kerry, back to Wexford and up to Cavan and arrived back home on saturday.
Allen called during the week, asked me if he could come up to do some practice casting and fishing as he was having a little hassle with the intermediate line.

I brought him to the location where I bring a lot of people to learn, which happens to be the place where the net was reported to be 10 DAYS AGO.

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