Thursday, 25 June 2009

How difficult is SWFF for bass on the Wexford Coast?

The reality is of course very difficult - you may be a capable fly fisherman but as conditions dictate the fickle nature of the fish, many factors are beyond your and indeed my control. This 'grip' that elemental forces have on the fishing is particularly evident this week and sometimes, as I have often seen before, a deterioration can happen quickly and is often not perceived as possible in having a negative effect on the fishing. A breeze blowing from a particular direction, I mean how could it?

I distinctly remember an angling journalist remarking to me last September that he felt that he had been brought to Ireland in the wrong season for fishing 'seabass' and was very dissapointed with the fishing. He knew more about bass fishing in Wexford than I did. I asked him how was his fly casting this week - he said it was the best it had ever been. He was a right hander.

The 'difficulties' and the 'positives' of the fishing influences are the subject of the next post in SWFF tips. This is not a post on the technicalities of casting, line management, presentation or similar subjects but of those ingredients that are beyond our control and how we must deal with them too.

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