Friday 10 July 2009

Fishing report July 10 Rolfe Andrew Jim

Returning a NUCLEAR SUB
Thanks to Rolfe and Andrew for taking the opportunity to realise a dream I've had for quite some time now. But a special thanks to the support team at home, the invisible people who make it happen for us. Today will certainly go down as one of the best - for me the smiles continue to say it all. Fish came both on fly and lure - a report later.
.......the flyline snapped tight against my fingers at the rod handle, it hurt, the Danielsson whirred into life and seconds later the albright went clink clink clink out through the rod rings. This was a BIG fish and as it powered downtide I saw its tail push it faster and further away from me. The redington #9 was almost horizontal, the fight of my life was on, I thought this surely is the best way to catch these fish, this is an experience of a lifetime! Ten minutes later.....
A full report in Bass Fly&Lure Fishing Files later today.

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