Sunday 9 August 2009

Last Guiding Session of the week

For the second time since wednesday I witness an angler catch more than 10 bass between 4 and 8 lbs in one session! Well done Andrew and Gerry.

Whilst creating this blog I try to portray Ireland and Wexford in a very positive light. I do this by making the most interesting photographs that I can, not only of the fish but of the people who are fishing with me and also the environment and time in which they find themselves. There are many other things other than fishing that make any trip to Ireland and Wexford worthwhile and its important for me to remember that when I’m out there. Not only am I looking to capture that ‘trophy’ moment but I’m also hoping to record the influences that are shaping peoples experiences of the country in which they are investing a lot of personal time. The more that I do this it becomes more obvious there are times when I don’t see what visitors marvel at or appreciate and I find myself missing the moment for them. Its possible to see the same thing so many times that you don’t appreciate it any more.

I am always conscious that over selling a product could have a negative impact on any business, its true also of a fishing guiding service. Fishing is often very tough and contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of days when we dont see many or indeed any fish. The Wexford environment doesn’t possess dramatic jaw dropping scenery, it doesn’t have the ruggedness or sense of wilderness that you get on the west coast. It doesn’t have outstanding architecture. What Wexford does have is a multiplicity of different smaller environments that are much more complex and which interact in a way that is so subtle it can almost be overlooked. You must look closely at each one to experience the detail. And not only is it important to realise each one is unique, but spending time in many different fishing environments forces people to realise the interdependence and influences one environment has upon another and the angling challenges each one presents.

Ultimately this ‘impact’ is what I try to create for my customers the readers and visitors to my blog. By facilitating people into a multiplicity of venues, the sanctuary of estuaries, the excitement of rocky shores, the thrill of fast moving powerful currents, the more likely they are to see and feel the ‘Wexford experience’ that I try to create. Not only do I hope that this provides a positive environmental impression and experience of Wexford and indeed Ireland, but it also creates a realisation that even after spending a lifetime of fishing for bass in these venues that you are simply scratching at the surface of the sheer number of methods, techniques and presentations that you could make to catch them. There are no experts, but there are many who think they are !

Today was the last guiding day of the week - a week of difficult days and fantastic days - depending on how you looked at it - fishing was tough and became easier - the company was superb and the shared experiences continue to make it a great bass fishing destintion. Thanks to all the people who went through here this week.

Tony and Paul - Cork - Two Days - Saltwater Fly Fishing Workshop Bass
Pat and Gerry - Donegal - Three Days - Bass Guiding Fly & Lure
Phil - Dublin - One Day - Saltwater Fly Fishing Workshop for the tropics
Andrew - Dublin - One Day - Bass Guiding Lure

Im off to Ballina for the week - a long drive ahead!

Monaghan for three days pike on the fly and home just in time around the seventeenth of August for bass on the tides again all in the company of dutch anglers.

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