Wednesday 16 September 2009

Autumn surface lure fishing

We visited a little estuary in Cork yesterday, just to be out of the wind! See the sequence below - I had taken some time out from fishing over the last few days so was excited about getting out there. Our intentions were to make some shots of mackerel taking lures on the surface hence the micro lure gear. We ended up having some real fun with several bass who seemed to be enjoying the early Autumn sun. All fish taken on the surface within 30 metres. In the stillness and peace of the afternoon the explosive takes were magnificent – especially at such close range!

Landing gear

Rods: Lucky Craft ESG’s – 8’-7” casting 2-16 grammes
Reels: Shimano twin powers, tecniums
Line: Varivas super trout braid – 4kgs.
Leader: Rio powerflex 3 kgs

Lures: Bevy pencil, Bevy popper, Skinny pop, Shirashu minnow, Camion, Wavy, chinupen, and mebapen.

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