Monday 7 September 2009

Fishing Report - Sept 7th - Hani Ghali

Anyone visiting on the Wexford coast in the last few days will know how far away we are from 'normal' September weather. The grip that the wind and rain now has on the sea will take some time to 'settle'. Of course today is a nice day but tomorrow there are gales forecast so theres little chance of stability or indeed fish on the fly in the next few days. After a day like yesterday......... but then its part of fly fishing, the challenges are not like any other fishing - its not always about catching.

As Stefanie, Hani and Cedric whom have come from Switzerland ride the roller coaster of weather - spirits are high and we chat and sit and watch, maybe even make a few casts - who knows?

After three seasons at this level of difficulty for fly fishing maybe its time for a new strategy !

Its looking good from wednesday onwards though with a return to better conditions - lets hope it stays that way and we could have a spectacular Autumn!

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