Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The end of 'A Guides Diary'

I have reached the end of A Guides Diary for Irish Angler magazine 2009. Its been an interesting and at times challenging opportunity for me to write some words that try to express what it means to work at something that I love doing. Not only do I love doing it and working at , but it makes me feel as if I am accomplishing and achieving something that is probably somewhat unique in my own country. Its easy to bring people fishing, its easy to tell them where to go and provide information, its easy to tell them that you must be fishing with this or that or else face the terrible consequences! – providing a quality Irish Angling Experience is of course another matter.

One of the greatest challenges that I face as a fishing guide is maintaining the momentum that you need to provide a credible profile. That profile is evolving and improving with each passing season. Its based on angling experiences, qualifications, customer satisfactions, new and returning business, learning from other people. After seven years of bass guiding the SEAi profile is founded on a genuine history of experience and quality. Experience based on years spent bass angling on the Wexford coast, experiences with anglers from around the world whom have brought their time, money and breadth of knowledge to SEAi, this country and the bass fishing found here. This weblog is a continuation and sharing of those experiences.

The quality is provided through the service, the environment, the fish and the customers that choose to fish with me.

The people whom have helped me to achieve those things and much more are mentioned HERE

The twelve articles can be found on the side bar of this blog!

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