Tuesday 27 April 2010

Fishing Report - April 24th - David and Jim

David and I stole two days freshwater fly fishing in Irelands north west last week. We made a dash across the country to spend two days fishing with Kenny Sloane a well known fishing guide from the area. The plan was to fish for pike on thursday and again on friday morning with a sprinkling of trout fishing on Friday afternoon. We had an exceptional few days fishing with 18 pike to the boat (several over the 5kg mark) on Thursday and similar numbers on Friday.

The highlight of the two days was the fish David took on Friday morning in excess of 20lbs on the scales. Some of the photos I made can be seen in the posts below.

Landing Gear

Rods: Sage xi2, Redington CPx, Guideline,
Reels: Danielsson LW 6/9, Lamson Velocity, Hardy Angel
Lines: Rio Outbounds inters and floaters
Leaders : Rio toothy critters (adapted)
Flies: As per photos below

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