Monday 19 April 2010

Forecasting the weather - April - 8

I came across a little book recently - Signpost to the weather by D&K Barlett. First published in 1949, I have extracted their forecasts for each month of the year. I hope you will enjoy their weather theories over the next few months –

The Month of April according to D&K Barlett with BASS indications by Jim Hendrick

During this month there can be changeable weather, but on the whole it is fairly bright and sunny. Prolonged spells of heavy rain are very unlikely, and it usualy falls in light sharp showers.
During the calm sunny days it can be quite warm, but cool nights with frost usually follow. If a warm spell occurs a chilly one with dull dys usually follows.

If the latter part of March has been wet some fog can occur during quiet spelss of the month.
The sea around our coasts is still very cool and is slowly responding to the heat of the sun, it heats slower than the land hence coastal fog may occur at times.

1st to 7th - Can begin chilly, with occassional snow. The weather gradually improves later in the week.

8th to 15th - Frequently a short dry fine spell the n followed by showery weather

16th to 23rd - A changeable time, with mixed weather towards the end of the week

24th to 31st The week is usually unsettled at first, followed by the odd bright days and occasional showers

Bass Fishing: this is the first month of the new year that I would have some optimism in catching bass on the Wexford coast. These tentative opportunities begin on the tides at the end of the month but things will remain challenging from a lure and fly perspective until the period just before the beginning of the closed season in May.

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