Friday 21 May 2010

A watchful eye

Its a quiet time for bass anglers over the next few weeks. There is less activity and hence maybe less 'watchfulness' along our coastlines. But please don't stop going to your favorite marks just because you cant fish - its often a time for watching and learning and enjoying a little introspection maybe.

Of course your asking yourself the same things that you probably did last year - why is there a closed season?, what effect does angling have on a closed season?, who decided on the the terms and the components of such a season under what basis? how, twenty years later can we improve things? Has anything changed?

I've said it many times before on this blog and I'll say it again - anglers respect the closed season, - but the less scrupulous continue to operate at increasing levels of illegal activity - they are almost continuously facilitated into taking boxes and boxes of fish during the SPAWNING season and throughout the year - no wonder then why the species cant recover!

Respecting the close of the season empowers you (even if you may have questions) as an angler to pursue the ownership, the protection, and to challenge and to contribute to the changes that are necessary now more than ever to protect and develop this fishery - like a broken record I'm saying it again - we have something that the world wants - something that contributes considerably not only to our economy but to ourselves through social well being, a feeling of rejoicing and partaking actively in a natural resource through a sustainable activity that makes us feel good.

Many many people from all over the world want that feeling, that experience, that enjoyment, that knowledge, we have it as an angling nation - so ask yourself where are the marketing forces, the development plans, the co-operation, the momentum and the will to create a cohesive sense of awareness, protection, passion, education and ownership around a truly magnificent Irish Bass Sport Fishery?

It simply doesn't exist in this country!

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