Wednesday 26 May 2010

Guided Pike Fishing


Its difficult to describe the ferocity of a surface attack by a Pike. Its visual its aggressive and its fierce. There is no doubt about it but Pike are a worthy catch on fly or lure. The next time you see your favourite lure shredded and cast across the surface of a lake in a head shaking frenzy of spray and bits of rubber then you know its going to be a crazy day.

I guess it was inevitable that I would start to guide for them and now after a few years of many failures and success the service is available for both Spring, late Autumn and early Winter.


The service will open on March 20th and close again on June 10th for the Spring season.

It will re-open again on October 20th and run through to December 20th for Autumn and Winter.

The boat will come ready for action with fly rods from Vision, Bloke and Redington – these will be teamed with Danielsson reels loaded with Rio, Guideline and Teeny pike specialist lines to cover all presentations.

Lure fishing rods will be available from Smith, Lucky Craft and Illex, reels from Shimano and Daiwa loaded with braid.

The boat has all the safety features necessary for a comfortable day on the water


Transport, airport transfers, light lunch and accommodation can all be determined for you – so if your looking to meet some of Irelands most ferocious freshwater predators call me now.


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