Monday 3 May 2010

Wipe Out

I hit rock bottom last Sunday with some sort of strange bug - I was completely wiped out until late Wednesday and felt much better through Thursday. It was on Friday morning on my way to meet a group of six guys for a SWFF workshop that I spotted the first swifts of 2010. These birds have become almost a living indicator to me, and fill me with the confidence that Bass have finally arrived on the shores of Wexford. This year they arrived a little earlier than last, see here

I had some real fun and a great day on Friday with Derek, Michael, Brian, Briony, Ray, and Roddy. Lighting the Kelly Kettle proved somewhat more intersting than normal! Jimmy and Edgar came and went on Saturday through a lure fishing workshop and David finished yesterday evening with an introduction to SWFF. I caught my first fish of 2010 yesterday morning. Heres to 2010 and the harbingers of silver.

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