Sunday 6 June 2010

Bass fly fishing Ireland - Part 24 - Leaders

Building my saltwater leaders

Material used for #8 lines

Rio Hard Alloy Mono – 33lbs
Rio Hard Alloy Mono – 22lbs
Rio Fluoroflex – 12lbs or <= as required Tying in a Leader with a dropper –

Take the spool of Fluoroflex and strip off the length that is needed for your tippet plus a return length for the dropper approximately 32 inches. Bend the Fluoroflex at the division of 8 inches and 24 inches. Form a bent loop. Take the Rio Hard Alloy material of 22lbs and reverse Allbright the mono leader to the tippet – and cut the Fluoroflex at 24 inches or your required length from the spool. Strip 2.5 feet of the Rio 22lb spool – Bend the mono to form a loop. Take the Rio Hard Alloy material at 33lbs and reverse Allbright the 22 lbs leader to the stiffer section of 33lbs mono – and cut the 33lbs section at five feet. Tie in a perfection loop at the end of the leader.

Seatrout leader - with dropper

Reversed allbright and
Non slip loop knot
Perfection loop


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