Monday 12 July 2010

High Tide Saltwater Fly Rods

High Tide Saltwater Rods

For a while now I have wanted to supply rods that are capable of casting both long lines and shorter lines with full control, as this often one of the crucial aspects of saltwater fly fishing. I wanted a fishing rod and not just a casting rod too. With many modern fly rods you can only get the rod properly loaded with a lot of line outside the tip ring, and only from that point on will you cast with full control. I wanted rods to load with short lines quickly, but still be able to cast longer lines if necessary.

Then I came across the A.Jensen Advanced Helical Taper

In order to achieve what I wanted I had found a rod maker that builds a so-called “compensated tip”, meaning a tip that loads quickly. Some manufacturers make the tip of softer material, but then you get a rod action that can feel a little strange when casting. Instead of this compromise A.Jensen use “Advanced Helical Taper” technology and thereby created a rod where the top of the rod loads quickly, without being or feeling in any way soft.

From A.Jensen - the detail.

The “Advanced Helical Taper” technology means changing and opening the angle of the helical wound graphite towards the top. By using the same material, and still under the same amount of tons of pressure as the rest of the blank, they build a rod, which performs with a unique balance.
The quick loading top has many benefits. When fishing the salt you can shoot the first meters of line, as the rod actually casts the line right from the first false cast. There is no “waving” the rod, to get a lot of line out, the rod actually loads and casts very quickly.

Your casting strokes will be more balanced, as you get a rhythm right from the start of the cast, it will, simply put, feel easier.
On top of that the rod is a light and sensitive instrument, guaranteed for life and an absolutel joy to play a fish on.

This brings us back to the where we started – I wanted to supply a fishing rod, not just a casting tool.

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