Sunday 12 September 2010

Bass Fishing Open Week Sept 4-11 2010 at SEAi

Marty Harrisson
David Norman
Colin Rigney
Andy Elliott
John Weir
Andrew Nolan
Jean Yves Quillien
David Wolsoncroftt Dodds
Seamus Hartigan
Patrick Molitor
Alan Larkin
Colm Gallagher

Its difficult to describe the feeling this morning when I open the door on an empty house at number 7. After such a brilliant experience from last week, fishing, talking, laughing with the guys above who stayed during the week its going to take a while for me to gather my thoughts. Fish were landed, flies were tied, tactics tried and tested, dicussions were heated, interesting and valuable, so much was shared it goes beyond measure.

Thanks to everyone who fished this week. I will get some fotos and words about the week up soon.

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