Thursday 4 November 2010

October weather summary

Unsettled weather at both the beginning and end of October brought spells of wet and windy weather, but much of the month was dry and sunny. Temperatures were around two degrees higher than normal during the first ten days, but much cooler weather developed subsequently, with severe frost in some
areas late in the month.

Monthly rainfall totals were below normal almost everywhere, continuing the pattern of dry weather during most of 2010; ten-month totals for the year so far are around 10% below normal generally and around 20% below normal for the period in the south. This month, around half of the normal totals for October were measured at stations in the east and north. Very little rain fell at most stations between the 8th and 21st. There were between 14 and 17 wetdays during the month at the majority of stations (days with 1mm or more rainfall), but fewer than ten wetdays were recorded in the Dublin area.

After a warm start to the month, temperatures fell below normal for most of the remainder, giving mean air temperatures of between 9.5°C and 11.5°C overall, close to average values for October. Daily maximum values rose above 20°C in places on the 8th, the highest for October for between seven
and 13 years in places; in contrast, widespread ground frost developed after mid-month, with particularly low air and ground temperatures recorded in eastern and midland areas on the 25th.

Sunshine totals for the month were well above normal everywhere, with around 40% more sunshine than normal generally; it was the sunniest October for more than 40 years at several stations. Source Met Eireann

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