Tuesday 7 December 2010

Difficult and dangerous times

I have been working away from home since almost mid October. This is the first short opportunity that I have had to post to this blog since then. Like many people in this country I’ve had to adapt to changing circumstances – its difficult to remain focused on two professional situations so the blog has suffered a little. It exacts a personal commitment that needs to be done well rather than done at all.

The number of weekly page views which during October was climbing to over 10,000 a week is now running down to 8,000 per week. The amount of effort and focus required to maintain this profile is not to be underestimated.

Time spent alone away from writing and linking the photos into posts gives you a different and newer perspective.

Today is a difficult day amongst what appears to be an unending cycle of continued incompetence arrogance inability and lack of any vision imagination or creativity.

You may have noticed that my season for 2011 is already 75% full. Germany, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, the UK, France, Holland - people continue to want to come bass fishing during 2011.

Is this not indicative of a continued sustainable and strategic use of a natural resource? Is this not direct foreign and national investment of a different kind? Is this not, and many other small projects like it, what this country needs right now? Show me where the quality of the fishing available seen on these pages is celebrated or actively promoted anywhere in this country, fishing of a quality not obtainable elsewhere in Europe.

What concerns me is the people whom will continue to dismay us today, and the so called organisations that are attributed with promotion and protection whom have failed in so many ways will continue to do so in the future.

A departing Government like this one has many tricks up its sleeves and under the camouflage of budgets and borrowings and general mayhem, its a perfect environment to stroke a pen and then run and hide in the wilderness years of political oblivion. Remember.

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