Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Seatrout time comes round again…..

Its that mad time of year again when I go fishing for seatrout in the sea. This time I’m going to do some proper work on the fly and hopefully with some luck achieve something worthwhile –its never been easy though take a look at these from some time back!

I’ve changed my lines to the Guideline coastal slow intermediate #6 which is aimed at fly fishers targeting Seatrout, Bass and other species requiring a stealthy approach and long, accurate casts. The low-profile head has a length of 10,5 meters and transfers into a floating running line that makes up the rest of this 32 meter long WF line. Its built on a DC core hence it will detect the tiniest of pulls from any shy fish.

The sink rate is 1,25 cm/sec. making it ideal for fishing just under the surface, even at a relatively slow retrieve.


Rod: A.Jensen 8’-0” #6 seatrout specialist

Line: Guideline coastal slow inter #6

Reel: Vision XLA – # 6/7

Leader: Hand built tapered – 10’-0” Maxima Chameleon and Rio fluoroflex tippet

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