Tuesday 24 May 2011

Some of my personal favourites for BFG’s

Surface lures

  1. Smith - Zipsea pop
  2. Megabait – Chihuahua
  3. Illex – Bonnie 95
  4. Luckycraft – Sammy 100
  5. Luckycraft – Gunnish 115
Diving lures
  1. Luckycraft – Flash minnow 110 sp + f
  2. Luckycraft – Slender pointer 112 sp
  3. Luckycraft – Pointer 78
  4. Luckycraft – Pointer 100 DD
  5. Illex – Arnaud smash minnow sp
My Desert Island three - or whats always in my box (I only carry six lures at a time)
  1. Luckycraft – Flash minnow for sheer reliability
  2. Illex – Bonnie 95 – Proven beyond any doubt since ‘03
  3. Megabait – Chihuahua – Does so much for so little that others cant
My number one choice and favourite lure of all time
  1. Orion – Sticker – From a fishing legend, friend and personal hero - learning to fish it in a way that gets unique results, has for me been one of great personal reward and satisfaction
I have seen these lures and many others take many thousands of fish over the years here in Wexford – I very much doubt that their efficacy will diminish as time goes by. These are some of the choices I make when I am lure fishing by myself – in reality now, more than often in fact, probably as much as 99% of my lure fishing is done on the surface – I don’t mind if I don’t catch fish a lot of the time, but when I do I like to see the take.
I choose my times to suit my preferences - its always a BFG - big fish game!

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