Saturday 18 June 2011

Andrews first bass for 2011

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dog fight and buzzards-9


Landing Gear

Rod: Smith B90 RS

Reel: Shimano Twin Power 4000 (salt water)

Line: Daiwa tournament pro

Leader: Rio saltwater hard alloy mono

Lures: Orion Mr Joe

Its not easy out there at the moment on the open shore and from a fly perspective its downright damned difficult – at least the shift to westerly may help but it looks tough for the next few days into next week – lower water presentations with soft baits or sinking lines will help significantly.


Teccie specs on the twin power.

Born of the same engineering pedigree as the world’s number one threadline – Stella, the TwinPower carves its own niche amongst the range of ultra-high performance reels that Shimano has become renowned for.
The TwinPower will handle anything thrown at it and continue asking for more, displaying many of the same qualities that make the Stella so successful and Shimano a pioneer in heavy saltwater sportfishing and jigging applications.

Built on the “SR” philosophy (smooth, silent, strong and reliance), the TwinPower gets its unbelievable cranking power and strength from a heavy-duty cold-forged drive gear paired with a Brass pinion, near frictionless efficiency from intuitive design and reliability from decades of research and development unrivalled by any other manufacturer in the industry.
All these features are housed in a water-proof hybrid aluminium body which is then super-charged by the same Hyper-disk drag found in the Stella SW. Less wear on parts and effortless operation are thanks to no less than 11 Shimano bearings. Each reel also features AR-C spool design, Aero Wrap II, Rigid Support Drag, one-piece bail, Super Stopper II, Power Roller and Floating Shaft II.

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