Wednesday 17 August 2011

Irish angler cover shot surprise !

I got a text from David Norman at the weekend. David is busy writing a series of articles for Irish Angler magazine based around techniques for soft bait fishing for bass.

I had made the cover of Irish Angler magazine with a photograph of Wexford bass angler Ger Doran. I made this photograph whilst guiding David during an early season session here in Wexford during which we met Ger.

Below are some of the other covers I have made - see the right hand panel

2005 - fly fishing for bass an intro series
2006 - lure fishing for bass an intro series
2007 - fly fishing with angling guides
2008 - fly fishing an approach for bigger bass
2009 - A guides diary 12 issues

Thanks again to the staff at Irish Angler for their continued and extremely important support and promotion of the profile of bass fishing in this country. We need more of this from more Irish organisations.


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