Friday 19 August 2011

The best built fly for Irish bass?

It certainly is one of them.

Watch the fly land on the water and then instantaneously orientate to the correct profile (the hands held in prayer) - took time out this afternoon in stormy conditions just the way I like them - casting a mini sloopy variant on the GLX #7 - fished an outbound inter with a short 5'-0" poly leader tipped with Rio fluoro on a loop knot (that's a mouthful) - result!

The up and down 'bobbing' motion of the fly is assisted by a loop knot at the hook - tying 'straight' to the hook with a stiffer leader changes the action of the fly to a 'flatter' plain

Here's the thing I fished a 700 euro rod with a 25 euro reel - the okuma airframe. Its the same okuma that I've had since 2002 - its been dropped, kicked, thrown, and excuse me, 'fucked' into the water in a rage, left in a damp shed over winter and most importantly landed probably 400 + bass, plus pollack, pike and seatrout in rain sand and all sorts of weather and still going strong today - dont spend A LOT of money on unnecessary middle crap! Take a look HERE for more help on fishing the rocky shore

Watched the blitz above for a while when I was fishing - awesome display - I was on shore by the way and apologies for poor quality - little camera pushed to its limit !

Bass fishing the Rocky Shore - some help HERE

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