Thursday 1 September 2011

Pros on Plugs by Doug Olander

Pros on Plugs -
Like most fishing magazines, Sport Fishing has run features asking professional guides to name their favorite lures. Interesting, but perhaps a bit disingenuous. After all, the bottom line is that most of these guys are sponsored by lure manufacturers. That’s worth a lot to them so, gee, who do you figure they’ll name as their favorites?

Fair enough, but with that in mind, I opted for a different approach here.

I located a top pro staffer for most major and some smaller lure manufacturers. Thus we start with the premise that the pros’ “favorites” are the lures they’re paid to fish. But that’s okay because 1) most wouldn’t fish lures that didn’t work for them; and 2) within an often-considerable universe of models, sizes and colors, these guys still must have their favorites, and with good reason.

So these were our basic questions: What’s your favorite lure, why and how do you make it catch more fish? And here are the results

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