Monday, 24 October 2011

Thank you

Coming out the far side of a guided season, and particularly a guided season like 2011 has taught me many things, again! Its definitely becoming more difficult for me to unplug from the fishing and being out in the coastal environment after a season like 2011 can change your life. Yesterday after nine days of having not been on the coast was the first day that I felt I could operate reasonably well in the real world again. In the rarefied atmosphere of bass fishing and guiding you can lose yourself to its unique demands. Its taking longer each year for me to disconnect and it does have its impacts.

The reality of having to sit in front of a computer screen trying hopelessly to catch up on my Bsc and the submissions I need to make, household administration, sitting on the sofa with my children watching a DVD, walking on the main street with all its people, shopping - these things are normal things that I need to get used to again!

The one thing that keeps coming back to me again and again over the last few days and will continue to do so over the next few months, is the incredible sense that I have of having shared wonderful days, interesting days, challenging days, immensely rewarding days with fantastic people in fantastic places. All those experiences and more are firmly embedded in my thoughts at this time. As I look back over the schedule for 2011 and the names of the people who made bookings, the expectations the excitement the thrills and disappointments, phone calls or e-mails of support when I felt I was going a bit mad, the amazing and at times very difficult days of 2011 come flooding back. Thousands of photographs and thoughts help to confirm I wasn’t dreaming or imagining. I hope to get these words down over the next few months.

This is a quick thank you to all of you who considered and then used my services during 2011 and for many other things too from many other people, some of which you might not even consider important.

A special thanks goes to my wife Eileen at this time, without her it simply wouldn’t happen.

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