Sunday 13 November 2011

International interest in Irish bass angling - 2012

Some of that potential realised

Dear Jim.

My good friend Markus Mueller from Inland Fisheries Ireland was so kind to pass me your contact-dates.

The point is, we are looking for a guide in 2012 for bass-fishing to produce articles and video-clips for the German angling-market. And Markus recommended you at very first!

I had a longer talk to some of the German staff from Tourism Ireland about the idea with that bass-in-ireland-story and they do want to promote this trip in every way they can.

I would do that trip together with Holger Hoener (owner of Germany’s biggest Angling-Web.TV-site and Markus Müller (he'll try to join us!) and we would like to produce the following

1. several Clips about bass-fishing with spinning-rod and fly-rod to be spread via
2. article in fishing-magazine Rute&Rolle ( story would be published within the “Jig&Jerk”-special (modern predator-fishing) inside a regular Rute&Rolle-issue and again in the comprehensive Jig&Jerk-special-issue
3. article in flyfishing-magazine Fisch & Fliege
4. several small articles in FishMaps Ireland ( is online since 1/2009 and the section about Ireland will be online in a few weeks)

So, Jim, would be great, if you would like to be our Guide and perhaps tell me, which time would be best to plan that trip (I already had a look at your quite good filled calendar). Holger Hoener, Markus Mueller and me would have time between beginning of July and end of September. Any suggesttions?

One last thing: You've got a truly brilliant website!! Great pics and great, great content ....! I especially like your approach to current topics like sustainability, bass-protection etc.; really fine to see, that these thoughts are spread more and more between anglers ...

All the best and look forward to reading from you,


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