Thursday 10 November 2011


I've had to keep the head down, for the past while so things have been neglected here a lot. With the loss of my camera earlier in the autumn followed shortly by laptop failure (but not the data or the files) it seems to have been a year of technological attrition. But here I am now with a bit of breathing space. Theres no doubt that being back at school is proving very demanding of what time I have.

I've done a lot of personal fishing along the West coast over the last two tidal series, just being out there with no schedule or demand other than tide was truly spectacular at times.

Even enjoyed a brilliant short surface session on Tuesday afternoon with Andrew.

I'm looking forward to guiding my first International customers next week for Pike Fishing - with the boat now up to my satisfaction - flooring, finder,electric engine and other safety and fishing equipment I'm happy to try and forge ahead and do a bit of Autumn work hopefully building this new service into the Spring of 2012.

If you heard all the chat based around Bass Fishing on the radio during the week, you can pick up the program from the link in the posting below. Theres no doubt that this issue is not going away. I think you know my feelings on this issue and like most things in this country its time to stop looking at get rich quick fixes for a few and start thinking about long term sustainable plans.

I am conscious that a few of you are waiting for CD's of photos that I made during the year I'll get these away to you in the next few days now that I have my technology back!

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