Monday, 2 April 2012


stripers1When I started fly fishing for bass there were few if any sources of help available. One of the first works that I came across was Stripers and Streamers from Ray Bondorew which I purchased from the US. It remains in a prominent position on my bookshelf and gets taken down again and again. Ray Bondorew is the creator of Rays fly above right.

Its distinctive simplicity and clarity of approach in a 'quiet' way still influences me today. I got this e-mail from Ray yesterday
Greetings Jim, I've occasionally come across your site and have noticed some interest in some of my patterns and book,
I just began a new website that I think those "across the pond" on your site may find interesting.
Ray Bondorew
Author of "Stripers and Streamers" r

New Website

The beginning AND the end…

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