Saturday, 12 May 2012

Summertime, makes me feel fine.


The first of the swifts of summer arrived in Wexford this morning, about ten days later than I first recorded them in 2009.

Alan pictured above jumped, slipped, slithered, walked, fell, splashed, boated, drove, casted and casted all along the Wexford coast over the past three days. We found loads of clear water, deep water, brown water, current, breaking waves, shallow sunny sheltered coves and sandy estuaries.

The fishing remained very difficult. After a ‘turn-on’ on Tuesday they ‘turned off’ again like it does a lot of the time so early in the season.

And in reality there is only so much that one angler can do under the circumstances.

But boy did we have fun and the things we saw and experienced…..well Alan can tell you all about his PB landed on Friday afternoon.

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