Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The weather of June 2012


Rainfall was well above average with long-term average (LTA) values ranging from 135% at Valentia Observatory to 286% at Casement Aerodrome. Most stations, apart from Valentia Observatory and Belmullet, recorded double or more of their June Average. Of these, most reported it as their highest June rainfall on record, apart from Dublin Airport and Phoenix Park which reported their wettest June since 1993 (19 years) and 2007 (5 years), respectively.

Days that recorded the highest accumulations were mainly on the 7th and 8th, with Shannon Airport measuring 41.8 mm on the 7th, its highest for June since 1947 (65 years). The month’s highest daily rainfall was on the 22nd at Malin Head with 50.9 mm, its highest June fall since 1955 (57 years). The number of wet days (days with 1 mm or more) were above average ranging from 13 at Malin Head to 22 at Knock Airport, with very wet days (days with 10 mm or more) ranging from three at Valentia Observatory to eight at Phoenix Park and Fermoy (Moore Park).

Mean temperatures were all below average with differences of around 1°C at Johnstown Castle and Malin Head, both reporting their coolest June since 1991 (21 years). Most maximum temperatures were recorded at the end of June, with the month’s highest temperature of 23.8°C at Phoenix Park on the 27th, its lowest June maximum in 5 years. Most other maximum temperatures recorded in the South, Southwest and West were the lowest since 2002 (10 years).

Sunshine was below average with Cork Airport reporting only 93 hours, around half of its average and its dullest June on record. Other stations reported it as the dullest June in a number of years with Dublin Airport and Shannon Airport reporting it as their dullest since 1993 (19 years) and with remaining stations reporting it as their dullest June in at least seven to 15 years.

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