Monday 14 January 2013

You Jean Byrne and bass fishing

Nine steps to better bass fishing – A short presentation

At February 2nd 2013


  • Jean Byrne and ‘that dress’ - a theory or two!Jean Byrne
  • Optimising your skill whilst recognising your passion
  • Do you want to cast expensive pieces of plastic or do you want to catch fish?
  • Disbelieving the digital angling hype – after all you are only one person
  • A fishing schedule may not improve your angling
  • Fish like it’s your last chance to fish – sometimes
  • Constant change is the only constant
  • Risk can be costly, but routine can be meaningless
  • Make some of your own experiences yours and yours alone

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The beginning AND the end…

Forwarded to - The Irish Bass Policy Group (David McInerny, John Quinlan, Shane O Reilly, Mike Hennessy, Dr William Roche, Dr Nial O'Ma...