Tuesday 16 April 2013

Workshop weekend–Fly & Lure MAY 11th and 12th

Bass Fishing Workshop by JimHendrick

If you happen to be attending the bass fishing workshop on Saturday May 11th - please find the details of our plan for the day above. Also please be aware that the weekend sits on a good tidal spectrum and low tide on Saturday is close to 13:30. This means we can actively fish the rising tide during the afternoon and into the evening.

Sunday mornings tide is also an acceptable one and if the weather happened to favour us an overnight stay might be something to consider.

Keep an eye on here during the week previous and I will indicate as best I can if this opportunity exists for any person who might like to take the opportunity

Please bring you waders, boots, and your bass lure fishing gear – plus any lucky charms you might have!

Fly details later this week

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