Thursday 4 July 2013

A perfect angling solution

Ger Doran is a young capable and dynamic angler. Not prone to bravado his gentle style and angling skills combine to also make him a brilliant saltwater guide. Much is expected of guides in these modern times. Some of that crazy expectation is often driven by misplaced and irrelevant demands by people, including other so called guides, who have misinterpreted what a guide is, what he or she does and how they should do it.

Ger carves his own path, slowly and with patience.

I believe its a brave move by Ger Doran to do what he has done. I have the utmost admiration for him for he has stepped off the cliff and into the world where he faces not only the angling challenges, but all its associations too, by himself and with the help of those around him he can do it. Its a tough task in many ways.

You may remember a recent post made HERE an article made By Rutte and Rolle in Wexford. This article has started to generate German interest in saltwater fishing in Ireland and in the Wexford area, not only in bass fishing but also in general saltwater fishing techniques. I received a call this morning from Tim in Germany to reserve a week in Wexford. Bass fishing and general fishing in Wexford for three people, nice work!

Because of their commitments its not an optimum tide for bass fishing for the group but Monday and Tuesday are reasonably good and I will guide the guys accordingly and then Ger will take over from Wednesday through Saturday.

And isn’t this what its about? Both Ger and I can work together without feeling (to a large extent) we are competing, each discipline facilitates the other and we can merge and remain supportive of each other under what I would consider very challenging and difficult circumstances. Of course on the coast this is more dynamic but there is no reason not to recognise the strength in collaboration and communication. But then again that’s not always obvious.

Ger has his own website at

Good luck Ger and well done.

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