Saturday 27 July 2013

Time to think and maybe to change


Sometimes its tough out there.

Yesterday was one of those days for me and I woke this morning, early, still not able to shake off how I feel right now.

In a world where easily gathered or misused information leads to unlearned and perceived success without responsibility, much emphasis is misplaced on what bass fishing is really about. I learned that again yesterday.

Through more than 1000 days of guiding people from around the world some, less than a dozen, of those people will have shared a unique and special experience at what I consider to be a special bass fishing place. I genuinely do.

Its also special in my heart in a way that is hard to explain, even how I found the place is significant to me. I have brought some people, very few, there in the hope of being able to share an experience and to marvel at what exists there. Not in any ‘fish number’ or ‘fish size’ or ‘look at me’ type of way but simply to partake in an experience maybe a sense of what it might feel like upon entering a secret pyramid or seeing the sun rise from within New Grange.

I visit this place rarely with a significance and obsessive care that borders on due diligence to a natural resource. A value to me that maybe only a few people in my life, maybe in the world really understand. People whom are close to me and indeed most of the people who remember fondly what they have experienced there share that responsibility trust and care and also fully understand what it means to be a real bass fisherman.

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