Thursday 26 September 2013

Awesome McMurphy–a testimonial I guess!

Just a quick email to say thanks really, now that I have returned and the brain has had time to process all that went on.  As ever it was great to have my annual pilgrimage to Wexico, that goes without saying, however its the small things that always gets me.

Firstly, I would like to say thanks for keeping it all going during what was a hectic week for you with the unforeseen circumstances at home.  You could have quite easily said to me.....there is a lot going on, would you be happy enough to spend the week at Mrs Nesbitt's.  However, you didn't and your perseverance was noted and very much appreciated.

Another thing that made me happy was to see you fBass fishing in Irelandishing now and again, you do a lot of hard work, under difficult circumstances with the fishery in it's current state and possibly take a lot of the verbal drivel from online sources too seriously.  It was great for me seeing the bend in that fly rod, the tail hanging out of the striping basket and then my dubious ability with a Nikon camera.  It's terrible when the photographer has to encourage the subject to smile!  Though I cannot talk as I am just as bad.  The pic of me at the …… location is the only pic of me with a fish and a proper deep/happy smile.

It is a testament to your ability what you can do with that feckin fly rod........even with the French collection I was whipped!  Imagine......outfishing the client!!!! (JOKING)

The support team!  As ever I am always made to feel very welcome at St John's Road and Eileen did a great job looking after me, plenty of coffee and a hot dinner back at base, what more could I ask for. 
WillBoB.......You can pass my regards to William for taking me in and like yourself, making me feel so welcome......I hope to fish with him again next year! 

What I have learned......I always pick up something new and currently the head is fizzing with ideas.....there is a package en route from Bears Den fly tackle!  Watch this space......I am going to create an abomination of a lure!
Finally, as I stood on the Stena ferry on the Monday morning, a heavy heart was felt!  There is only one real answer for me to feel totally better again, remove the casualty from his current environment...........look out, i may be living approximately 197km from Wexford in the new year.  The sight of that Cork coastline was too much, anyhow, it could be good......just think how many new spots I could find.  Then you could bring the fly rod, I'll supply the Lucozade and the jelly sweets and we could chase some shakey headed silver killers!

Get yourself and Eileen out to the Yard and enjoy a good steak!

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