Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Just to be out there–a plan that kinda came together!

I felt it was going to happen way back around the 18th November and to a large extent it did and is still. Its still out there. I had planned to work out an article yesterday and today for Fly Fishing & Fly Tying wBass fishing in Irelandith David. Unfortunately the real world is getting in the way a lot at the moment and the wolves have to be kept from the door so today was a no and we didn’t complete the article.

Speaking of doors the fly I am fishing with at the moment is, I feel, about to open one door another bit, don’t get me wrong there’s nothing revolutionary about it and after all there is nothing new in fly fishing, but what I could do with it yesterday just enhanced another aspect of bass on the fly VERY successfully. More of this later.

Thanks to David for the support, craic, and general good time! We saw fish hunt, we saw fish follow, we had hits and we had misses and we had long periods of inactivity. We didn’t have any big fish – but would I rather be anywhere else than where I was yesterday morning and afternoon – No I don’t think so.

Bass fishing in Ireland

Its not too often you can get these conditions running into early December on the Wexford coast

AND There’s another chance this week yet and under the current timings I think I'm going to have to try and take it. More juggling and out come the bigger flies, shorter leaders and the #9 lines.

I think I’ll stay on home ground though and fingers crossed – but its going to be exciting and I cant wait.

Its the start of a new promise – more fly fishing and time for Jim Hendrick for a while.

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The beginning AND the end…

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