Saturday 19 January 2008

bucktail deceiver....BTD

During the late autumn of 2006 i was given some flies by a friend of mine from the UK. These were the bucktail deceiver. I tried them and had some success, but it was during the 2007 season that the fly really came into its own - i fished almost exclusively with it and it has proved itself as an excellent bass catcher on the Wexford and Cork coast.

Easy to tie and easy to cast make it the ideal fly for many occasions and the fly tying variations make it a perfect all rounder. Tied skinny and you have a perfect sandeel type pattern, tied with more material and its a great baitfish.

The enticing action of bucktail is hard to beat and my bass fly box now contains greys/whites and chartreuse of course. Originally created by Bob Popovic in 2003 the fly is tough and long lasting and can also double as a teaser.

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