Saturday, 12 January 2008

winter light at the cut

During my fishing days i spend a lot of time watching and thinking about different types of light. I notice the dramatic effects it has on the landscape and the way it can change our perceptions of how good or bad fishing conditions will be. The light alters our mood and hence we react accordingly, as a result our fishing is affected. But is this change in our fishing brought about by our own conceptions of how we think light affects the fish we hope to catch or is there something else at work? Indeed some lighting conditions are better than others? Dull overcast days are favoured by many anglers as low light levels increase fishes confidence whilst bright sunny days keep fish 'down', or so it goes. The challenges of fly fishing lie in many places no more so than in convention.

As the cold wet and dark weather stalks the land, sea fishing is very quiet. The sun is low in the sky and shadows are long. It is a while before the seatrout start running the estuaries and April seems an age away. Eager Salmon anglers sit fidgeting and fussing as opening day approaches.
But slowly the days are getting longer, the sun gets higher in the sky, the light changes and I too wait in anticipation for the new season of Spring and the challenges of 2008.

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