Thursday, 27 March 2008

Lure fishing techniques for saltwater - Ireland

During April I will post short daily (if possible) articles here on saltwater lure fishing techniques - this will cover a lot of aspects of surface lure fishing, jerk baits and soft bait presentations to bass and other species in Ireland. I will also cover lots of valuable fishing tips and techniques to help improve your lure fishing......

During the five seasons that i have guided for bass on the south coast of Ireland I have learned a lot of angling information. This information has been learned from or given to me by many mature and vastly experienced anglers who have travelled wide in their destination angling, and particularly those in the saltwater fly and lure fishing arena. Their exploits have brought many of them to places like South America, Japan, Europe, the USA and Africa - and it is this wealth of experience that i can share with you.

This 'experience' covers a wide range of elements ranging from equipment, safety, techniques and observations made over not only the last five years but also how it has been succesfuly applied and adapted to Irish saltwater fly and lure fishing during that time. I have managed to 'track' a lot of anglers opinions in relation to the performance of various items and equipment, and as a lot them travel the world in search of new species and destinations there are a few common factors they all come to demand and expect from the equipment they use. Be it reels, lines, rods or lures - factors like the ones below are a few that are most regularly mentioned

  • constant reliability
  • fishing performance
  • endurance and longevity
  • balance
  • effectivity
As a result of this monitoring I continue to work closely with companies who manufacture and distribute modern lure and fly fishing rods and reels. I want to continue to learn and understand new and emerging techniques and methods and how they might be applicable to my business here in Ireland.

In respect to the postings please dont hesitate to make a comment on any of the topics, in fact contributions would enhance the pages, or indeed if you have any questions or aspects of lure/fly fishing that you might like to discuss here dont hesitate to mail me at and I can personalise your question.

I must add that everyone has an individual preference or experience. These different opinions and experiences that are expressed and discussed here have been condensed over a long period of time with a lot of valuable contributions from many people. They are not biased in any direction and are offered here simply as help or assistance to anglers.

Jim Hendrick

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