Thursday 27 March 2008

My sixth year of guiding for.....& the C+R photo submission

This will be my sixth year of guiding for bass on the Wexford coast - I have spent the last few days fly fishing for sea trout with some success and during that time I was fondly remembering the summer of 2003. This was the summer when i made my first editorial and it was with Voyages des Peches - one of Europes leading sportfishing magazines. The photograph above was made on the first afternoon of three - both fish hit at the same time on surface lures, an unforgettable experience. Like all the editorials that were to follow and still do, it was a fantastic 3-day succes. We filled 6 pages in the magazine and the stories are still heard in Paris.
The latest article from SEAi is featured in the European magazine Vliegvissen. If you would like to read more editorial please visit my resource page on Here you can see articles from - Fish and Fly, Peche Mouche, Loup et Bar and many more.
I had during the summer of 2003 'field tested' the business with some customers using modern lure fishing techniques,Illex - Lucky craft - Smith - Yamamoto and enjoyed such a high degree of success that I finally decided to take the plunge during that winter, and try guiding as a full time job.
Now six years later I am witnesss to a growing popularity in lure fishing for bass all along the coastlines of south eastern Ireland. Bass fishing for six months of the year on the Wexford coast, five days a week for the past five years, I have seen some spectacular sites, witnessed incredible fish and learned an incredible amount of techniques and methods.
But most of all it continues to give me great pleasure to be Irish and presenting this wonderful country to all my customers both foreign and national and the wonderful fishing we are lucky to have here.
As i move into my sixth year I continue to learn and develop new techniques both in modern lure and fly fishing. This year I will concentrate more on developing flies and techniques for Irish saltwater fly fishing. I am looking forward to the season of 2008 and offer you a chance to enter my C+R photo submission

If you would like to enter
Please submit your favourite photographs of a catch and release fishing scene on fly or lure (made during 2008) to SEAi - the final decision reagrding the winner will be made on September 30th 2008 - and a prize of 100.00 euros of illex tackle can be won. Photos will be posted to the SEAi galleries as they arrive between now and September. 
Good luck and tight lines

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