Tuesday 25 March 2008

people often ask me.....the reel

People often ask a lot of questions about my fly fishing. The one sure question you can be asked is about your choice in equipment and especially rods and reels. I dont like to make recommendations as such but i do know that what i use has been influenced by time and continued performance. When i am guiding i often use carbon composite fly reels - they are tough, resilient,hard wearing and dont need to much minding, if indeed any.

But when i am fishing by myself the reel I like to use is the Danielsson LW 6 nine. All i can say really is, its ideal reel for use in Irelands saltwater environment.

What Danielsson have to say
A drag system needs to be completely waterproof to be reliable, and must withstand any condition the angler might encounter, including exposure to saltwater, sand or dirt, and extremes of temperature. It also has to be easy to handle and should require almost no maintenance. Danielsson's extreme requirements as to function, materials and manufacture have resulted in exactly such a drag system, completely sealed to the highest industrial standards and impervious to the dirt and water that are the Achilles' heel of other reels.Tomas Danielsson also wanted to maintain the advantages of light weight and a large arbour and the result is the LW series. Almost as light in weight as the Original and FW models, and with an astounding braking ability, the LW is a superior reel for single-handed fly rods that you can trust to get the job done.

Danielsson LW features:

* Waterproof and heat resistant bearing and drag assembly in Hi-End materials.
* Works in wet or dry, cold or warm conditions, through the full range of drag settings.
* Pressure chamber tested: waterproof down to 10 atmospheres.
* Form and friction-stable drag discs withstand temperatures to 2000°C.
* Corrosion resistant, anodized high strength aluminium.
* Other components in stainless steel.
* Large drag knob makes it easy to set correct resistance.
* Min- and max- settings available within 330 degrees of knob travel.
* Optional outgoing/incoming clicker (can be deactivated).
* Easy-to-change spools.
* Large arbour/fast line retrieve.

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